For 30 years, Boyut Endustri, “Boyut”, has been producing high tech components and arriving progressive solutions for its customers. Its Boyut’s strength to manufacture specific parts with advanced characteristics. Boyut also offers engineering and new technologies for their use.

Over the years, Boyut accumulated extensive date/statistics pertaining to the automotive and agricultural industries; particularly components of gear and steering box for OEM and aftermarket customers. Each project is managed in accordance with customer requirements. Drawings/sketches are studied by engineers; produced in full automated CNC machines. Upon request, value-added assembly is implemented and the final part is delivered according to the customer specifications.

There are also post-processes as functional coating applications. Boyut applies chemical and thermal sprayed coatings and reaches a high level of product quality. A large spectrum of coating capabilities involves corrosion protection, conductive thin film, wear-resistance, and decorative coatings.